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Number: 533

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IMDb Rating:
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4.6/10 (25683 votes)

Country: USA, 106 minutes

Spoken Languages: English

Genre(s): Action, Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Director(s): John Singleton

Cast: Jake Andolina, Ken Arnold, Maria Bello, Benjamin J. Cain Jr., Richard Cetrone, Lily Collins, Jack Erdie, Tim Griffin, Oriah Acima Andrews, Steve Blass

Medium: DVD R/RW,

Storyline: Nathan, a teen, along with his friend, Karen finds a website that has photos of children who are missing or believed to have been abducted. They decide to age one of the photos and discover that is of Nathan as a child. He contacts the person who placed the photo to find out what's going on. The person on the other end only wants to know info about Nathan so Nathan hangs up. The person then contacts someone in Europe and shows him a photo of the one who called. He then heads for the U.S. Nathan then wonders is it true, was he abducted. He tells his "mom" who then tells him she and his "father" will tell him. But before they can, two men claiming to be cops show up wanting to talk to Nathan, and when he isn't found they pull guns and demand Nathan be given to them. His parents fight them but are killed. Nathan runs but remembers that he asked Karen to come over and one of them tries to get rough with her but Nathan saves and they escape just as the house blows up. They go to the hospital so that Karen can treated. Nathan calls 911 to report what happened but finds himself talking to a man named Burton who says he's with the CIA and that his parents were too. He tells Nathan to wait for some people he is sending to pick him. But Nathan's therapist shows up telling him that they have to go. She tells him that she and his parents were asked by his real father to take care of him. She warns him not to trust Burton. She tells him to go an apartment in Virginia. When he gets there, he sees the kind of person his father is. When Karen tries to call her relatives, her call is again intercepted by the CIA. Nathan decides to get out and sets out to find his mother whose address he found in his father's apartment.

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