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Number: 736

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IMDb Rating:
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5.5/10 (4882 votes)

Country: USA, 84 minutes

Spoken Languages: English

Genre(s): Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi

Director(s): Barry Levinson

Cast: Kristen Connolly, Christopher Denham, Jane McNeill, Kether Donohue, Michael Beasley, Andy Stahl, Lauren Cohn, Tim Parati, Anthony Reynolds, Nansi Aluka

Medium: DVD R/RW,

Storyline: This 'found-footage' film is set in 2009 in the town of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland where something has infected the water there. But it's not 100% known what it is or how it is transmitted. But when people start turning up dead and others start to do strange things, fear turns to panic and the town is shut down. The Government confiscate all video footage from every source possible. The Government didn't want you to see this. This is that footage which is put together by a news reporter who was there.

Location: Library

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen