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Number: 908

poster The November Man

IMDb Rating:
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6.3/10 (14627 votes)

Country: USA, 108 minutes

Spoken Languages: English, Russian

Genre(s): Action, Thriller, Crime

Director(s): Roger Donaldson

Peter Devereaux is a former CIA agent who is asked by the man he worked for that their person who in Russia who is presently close to a man running for President, who is believed to have committed crimes during the Chechen war, can give them the name of someone who can prove it. His friend says that she will only come to him. So he goes and she gets the info and tries to get out but the man finds out and tries to get her. Peter arrives and gets her but as they are getting away they're shot at. She is killed but tells Peter the name before she dies. Peter kills the men who attacked them but when he sees the leader, Mason, a man he trained, he realizes the CIA is involved. He tries to find the person and the only person who might know where she is, is Alice Fournier, the social worker who helped her when she came to the West. A CIA bigwig comes and orders that Devereaux be taken out and wants Mason to take care of it. An assassin whom the Presidential candidate sent to make sure no one ...


photo Pierce Brosnan Pierce Brosnan Devereaux
photo Luke Bracey Luke Bracey Mason
photo Olga Kurylenko Olga Kurylenko Alice
photo Bill Smitrovich Bill Smitrovich Hanley
photo Amila Terzimehic Amila Terzimehic Alexa
photo Lazar Ristovski Lazar Ristovski Arkady Federov
photo Mediha Musliovic Mediha Musliovic Natalia Ulanova
photo Eliza Taylor Eliza Taylor Sarah
photo Caterina Scorsone Caterina Scorsone Celia
photo Akie Kotabe Akie Kotabe Meyers

Medium: DVD R/RW,

Location: Library

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1